Aboriginal Food, Culture, Cave & Didge Tour Yallingup

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Aboriginal Food, Culture, Cave & Didge Tour Yallingup
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Take a guided bush walk in Yallingup with Josh to forage for seasonal native bush foods and medicines and discover their cultural uses, then sample traditional foods during this full 3-hour tour.


Learn about the six Noongar seasons and how they influence what is hunted and gathered. Taste traditional foods and flavours around Josh’s campfire. Depending on the season, these could include kangaroo, emu, quandong, emu plum and saltbush.


Journey into Ngilgi Cave for Josh’s authentic storytelling of the Dreaming and a unique didgeridoo experience; this is the only place you’ll ever hear the ancient instrument through the awesome acoustics inside a cave.


Finally, discover the art of traditional fire lighting and tool making, as Wadandi custodian Josh demonstrates how to create a spark by rubbing two sticks together and explains how his ancestors created the artefacts you can touch and feel.


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