Adventure Canyoning: Aling Gorges

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Adventure Canyoning: Aling Gorges
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Aling Gorge is one of our most special trips, where you can experience what adventure canyoning is about. Aling Gorge is one of Bali's most beautiful descents!


A marvel of Balinese nature

Just imagine a forgotten world. In the middle of hidden Bali rice fields and far away from modern life. Aling Gorge is a marvel of Balinese nature! Even words or images can’t describe the magical landscape and incredible atmosphere of this descent. It’s a canyon with plenty of water, lots of swimming, steep volcanic walls all along the way.


The famous “Bat Cave” section, where hundreds of these creatures fly high above your head, is sure to leave you speechless. Aling Gorge features lots of jumps, wonderful rappels as well as massive natural pools of clean water, all of which is a wild and unique environment. Aling Gorge is a sporty descent, a mix between exploration, adventure, and fun trip.


Come and visit this unique place in Bali

Canyoneers from around the world come to Bali to experience this place. Escape the crowds and discover one of the unique places in Bali. Practicable only a few months of the year (depending on water level). This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the active and bold!

Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind