Best of Uganda (The Pearl of Africa)

12 days

Best of Uganda (The Pearl of Africa)
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Uganda is the 'Pearl of Africa' where you can watch Hippos cool off by taking a dip in the mud, you can explore the little-seen terrain, stroll through a tropical rainforest and observe Chimpanzees or Gorillas in their natural habitat.


Uganda is also home to rare golden monkeys and you can journey up the Nile, explore caves and spot up to half of all of the total bird species that are found on the Africa continent.


In Uganda, you can listen to Elephants break branches from the trees outside your door as you fall asleep, or write in the journal as you watch hippos playing in the river below.


This tour takes in the best that Uganda has to offer with a diverse itinerary that's packed full of exotic sights and activities.


This journey to the heart of Africa exposes you to the wildlife, birds, flora and fauna, trails, and infrastructure in Uganda's best National Parks,


Whether you are visiting Uganda on vacation or you are already here working Cheetah Safaris can create an amazing trip for you!


Clean Travel believes that our innovative approach to tourism has the power to revitalise communities and provide financial security for its inhabitants. Find out more about Clean Travel here.


*denotes the price person indicated separately in the table: US$600 is the cost of a gorilla permit in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and US$150 is the cost of a chimpanzee permit in Kibale Forest National Park.

Things to keep in mind


Things to keep in mind