Bisoke Volcano Hike at Bisoke Crater Lake

1 day

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One Day Bisoke Volcano Hike (Bisoke Crater Lake) 12,175 feet (3,711 meters). Mount Bisoke is among the peaks of the Virunga mountain ranges found along the border of Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.


Mount Bisoke is a dormant volcano with a crater lake on its top, located besides the Volcanoes National Park in Musanze, Northern Province of Rwanda. To hike mount Bisoke requires one to move along steep slopes that are densely closed with the equatorial rain forest and some alpine Meadows.


The hike on this mountain takes up to 4 hours to conquer the peak and 2 hours to slope down however the experienced hikers take only 3 hours to reach the top and 1 hour to slope down and this means hiking the top of this mountain Bisoke and back is a one day activity.


Things to keep in mind