Cenote Trail

5 hours

Cenote Trail
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Cenotes are characteristic of Mexico and Central America. They are found more particularly in the Yucatan Peninsula where there are more than 3000 of which only 1400 are recorded and studied. The term comes from Maya “dzonot” or “ts’onot” and means “sacred well”. Indeed, cenotes were very important to the Mayans.


They were the only way to find pure water in this limestone plain of Yucatan, completely devoid of water. They were also sacred places, intended to receive offerings.


Cenote Tour Program:

  • 8 am aprox: directly from the Office of México Kan Tours and get ready to ride your bikes!
  • Climb on your bikes and ride to the first cenote
  • Swim and snorkel in a first cave type cenote – Gran Cenote
  • Stop for brunch at a private jungle location
  • Ride to a second cenote – Cenote Cristal
  • And Cenote Escondido snorkel in the networks of a last cave cenote
  • Cycle back to the starting point
  • 1 pm aprox


For Whom?

The distance covered is approximately 8km (5 miles) with plenty of stops.

Suitable for any adult comfortable on a bike and teenagers over 12.

For bookings that include children under 12 (min 8 years old), we can organize a private tour at extra cost (excluding groups of 6 people or more when the tour will be at normal price).

Things to keep in mind