Cuisine Safari, Johannesburg

4 hours

Cuisine Safari, Johannesburg
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The Johannesburg Cuisine Safari is a three-part dining experience curated across Johannesburg. The focus is on traditional foods, sometimes with a contemporary twist. Guests taste their way through the city spatially, historically, and culturally.


Where the tasting sessions take place will depend on the day, but there are always three components. Sometimes we feature our Soweto Soul Food Tasting Menu at the heart of the experience, sometimes it’s a Sotho inspired Farm to Fork Tasting Menu at an urban farm downtown.


Around one of these centrepieces, we explore some Pan African flavours, in a small eatery downtown, and some of the famous shisa nyama, cuts of meat barbequed street side.  Local drinks also feature, sometimes in the form of local beer and fermented maize drinks.



  • 1345 – 1415 collection of guests at hotels
  • 1430 Pan African course downtown
  • 1530 Farm to Fork Sotho Tasting Menu in Bertrams
  • 1700 Shisa Nyama
  • 1740 – 1815 Transfer back to hotels



  • Sample a range of different traditional food and drinks
  • Meet a local cook
  • Street food and shisa nyama or hot meal


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Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind