Exciting Canyoning in Bali: Maya Dewa Canyon

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Exciting Canyoning in Bali: Maya Dewa Canyon
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Experience the most amazing waterfalls!

Experience some of the most amazing waterfalls in Bali in our exclusive Maya Dewa canyon! For the waterfall lovers out there, Maya Dewa counts with five high-vertical rappels up to 35 m and includes Bali’s ONLY and longest waterfall zip line (50 m long).


With an amazing river and jungle trekking section, you will also enjoy a 12m slide into a natural water pool a 3m fast slide with rotating pool and your adrenaline will rise exponentially during the descent.


Get guided by Bali Canyoning Team

Maya Dewa will show you what the Bali Canyoning Team is all about. The force and beauty of its waterfalls, the surrounding environment, and the technical aspect that only our qualified ICOpro instructors will teach you. By the end of it, you will become very competent in canyoning progression.


Maya Dewa is located in Mengandang Valley, which only Adventure & Spirit Bali Canyoning Team and ICOpro qualified instructors are authorized. Get exclusive access to one of the last untouched areas of Bali!


Maya Dewa takes approximately 4 to 5,5 hrs to descend (according to the fast you will rappel and walk in a river) and has it all: fun, adrenaline, technicality and the opportunity to experience the most famous waterfalls in the valley.


You should be in good shape and like adventurous experience. If it sounds like you, just get into it right now!

Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind