Maasai Local Experience

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Maasai Local Experience
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The full day tour includes the half-day cultural tour, then after lunch, you can choose if you want to continue the day on mountain bikes (1), walking (2), or if you want to stay at the orphanage to do activities with our kids and learn more about our project (3).

(1) For the fit and adventurous, mountain biking through the African landscape is truly an exciting experience. Avoid roads and traffic and ride through the forests of Meru land; up mountains, down valleys, through tiny villages and into bustling market towns.

(2) The walking tour continues to Temi Pottery Project in Snig’isi village. The aim of Temi Pottery Project is to keep the Tanzanian Pottery tradition alive. They are manufacturing clay products in a traditional way and passing on the skills through the Temi Pottery School. Their ceramic products, such as candle holders, flower pots, and table ware, are available for purchase.