Machame Route Trekking Tour

6 days

Machame Route Trekking Tour
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This is probably the most beautiful route to the summit of Kilimanjaro. From late afternoon sunsets at Shira camp to the misty revelations of Kibo at the great Barranco Wall, the Machame route offers the adventurous hiker a stunning scenic slide show over 7 days.


Also referred to as the “Whiskey Route”, Machame offers strictly tenting accommodation suited best to the more daring hiker. Usually completed in a minimum of 6 days the Machame route offers the most valuable commodity on the mountain – acclimatisation.


The Machame route takes you high to Lava Tower (4630m) on the day 3 and brings you down by nearly 700m for an overnight at Barranco camp (3950m). This is the secret to successful acclimatisation. Also take the option of adding a 7th day for acclimatisation, spending Day 4 at Karanga camp to give you the opportunity to adjust to the altitude and rest before tackling the most difficult part of the journey.


All routes merge together for the final summit attempt up to Stella Point and then, finally, Uruhu Peak. Watch the sunrise from the “Roof of Africa” and take a few minutes to absorb your accomplishment before descending back down the mountain.

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