Magical Rara Lake Tour

19 days

Magical Rara Lake Tour
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…into the wild west Nepal – Where the magical Lake Rara lies. 

Lake Rara, at an elevation of 2,980m, is the biggest lake in Nepal. It lies in Rara National Park, located in the remotest corner of West Nepal near Nepal and Tibet border. This area still remains one of the least explored and truly pristine parts of Nepal. The intact natural alpine forest and the surrounding area has a wealth of historical significance with unique western Nepali culture. The scenery and mountain view along with the wild animals and birds make this a great area for visitors, who are looking for something different away from the much-travelled area.



The trekking starts after a short flight to Jumla from Nepalgunj. Trekking days are normally about 6-7 hours long, though this can vary. You begin trekking after a hearty breakfast, stop for lunch in the middle of the day and in the afternoon tea or coffee and cookies will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the camp. Meals consist of three courses mainly of local dishes, but you will be surprised at the tasty treats our experienced expedition cook will serve.

Accommodation is in a tent on twin sharing basis, with a warm sleeping bag, inner liner and insulated mattress provided (if you wish for extra comfort, you can bring your own blow-up mattress too). For drinking water, boiled water is provided after the meals, so make sure to bring a one or two-litre water bottle. A dug-out toilet tent will be set up near the camp.


Why trek to Rara!?

Rara National Park is the smallest national park but in its heart, where you visit the most pristine and magical lake, Rara Lake. The park includes a trans-Himalayan valley with high ridges covered with forest and alpine pastures. Being among the local people with their distinctive culture and traditions gives the visitor a unique experience and makes for an unforgettable and wonderful holiday.


The people here are very behind-the-times, even primitive, and this gives the trekker a glimpse backwards in time and a chance to reflect on the differences of modern society and development. The great high mountain scenery enchants and fascinates as always. Like most of Nepal, Rara National Park is a naturalist’s paradise.  Animals like the Serow, Musk deer, Yellow-throated Marten and a wide variety of birds such as the Impeyan pheasant or Himalayan Monal, Kalij can be seen along the trail and around the lake. The lake at 2,980m also hosts snow trout that are endemic species.


Trekking to this destination offers the best in scenery and you are very much off-the-beaten-track, with the trek going through one of the most pristine and finest national parks in the world. At the same time, the western Nepal cultural experience is unique and is quite different from that of the rest of Nepal.


Level of grade:

Moderate to strenuous at some points.


Food and accommodation:

All meals are included on the trip apart from meals in Kathmandu. Your accommodation is in a spacious two-person tent with a mattress sleeping bag.


Best time to trek to Rara:

The recommended time to travel to Rara is the months of February to June, and September to November. In a slight rain shadow, this area tends to be a little drier than other parts of Nepal, even during the monsoon months.

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