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Caribbean Sea Snorkel  – Cenote


This is a half day snorkeling tour. We go to the sea to snorkel with very colorful Caribbean fish and there´s always the possibility to see a stingray and/or a sea turtle.  For this activity, we visit a bay by boat to avoid waves and currents.


Cenotes are one of the most attractive characteristics of the landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula; these amazing caves/caverns with all kinds of magnificent limestone formations flooded with rain water are a ¨must see¨.  Cenotes have also played a vital role in the development of the history of the Yucatan Peninsula and of its settlers, these natural wells are considered sacred since they are the access to the vital substance and in the Cosmo vision of the Maya, they are considered entrances to the underworld.


Mexico Kan Tours has chosen a gorgeous cenote for this excursion.  We visit a 600m (2000 ft.) long cave where we are able to appreciate the different kinds of speleothems and learn about their formation process and the significance and importance of these caves for the people of the Yucatan Peninsula. During the first part of the cave we walk with water about 1-meter-deep (3.5 ft.) until we arrive to an area were the ceiling of the cave collapsed and the natural light comes through allowing us to swim in deeper water with the natural light.  We continue swimming and walking along the cave until we come out in the middle of the Jungle. An incredibly fun, educative and spiritual journey through the Mayan Underworld!


For whom?

Most people when they think of the Caribbean, snorkeling comes to mind.  To swim in these clear waters with many colorful fish is a magnificent experience.  The type of cenote we visit, combines many of the characteristics of the different types of Cenotes we have in the area, you will be able to walk and see what many times only cave divers can witness.  The air pocket above our head is about 6 meters (20ft) so even people that don´t like enclosed places they still can enjoy.  The minimum age we recommend for this snorkelling experience is 4 years old.

Things to keep in mind