Mountain Pine Ridge With Rio on Pools, Rio Frio Cave and Big Rock Falls

8 hours

Mountain Pine Ridge With Rio on Pools, Rio Frio Cave and Big Rock Falls
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The Mountain Pine Ridge reserve is over 100,000 acres of protected forest. It is comprised mainly of Honduras pine and some wetlands, the Macal River valley, as well as some subtropical forest.


The area is mainly granite and limestone and the area is home to numerous rivers, springs, waterfalls, and caves. This is truly a nature lover’s haven! There is a small forest ranger post and very little habitation, save for a couple of isolated Maya communities and a small settlement of Mennonites. A former logging settlement at San Luis is now abandoned since the area has been protected since the 1940s.


This stunning and unique natural habitat is home to numerous bird and mammal species and is a great place for birdwatching and enjoying the peace of the natural environment. The first feature of the reserve that we will explore is the Rio Frio Cave, the source of the Rio Frio river and the largest cave entrance in Belize. Our next stop is the Rio On Pools, a series of shimmering natural swimming holes and rock waterslides that allow for cooling relaxation and meditation.


Enjoy a water massage from cascading waterfalls that run over a wide river bed and smooth granite rocks. We take a homemade picnic lunch break at the pools followed by a short drive to our next destination, the fabulous Big Rock Falls, a 150-foot waterfall on Privassion Creek. Here, the cool spray of mist from the waterfall refreshes swimmers in the clear, deep pool below.


This is a day of hiking, spelunking, and swimming with opportunities for wildlife watching not to be missed!

Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind