Nalesutale Village Safe Landing Resort Tour

7 days

Nalesutale Village Safe Landing Resort Tour
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NALESUTALE VILLAGE – at the foot of the Sleeping Giant mountains in Nadi, just 20 minutes drive from Nadi Airport. Nalesutale was the first village settlement in this region. It is the home of the first cannibal ancestors of this tribe and the first to convert to Christianity. The ancestors’ homes were located all along the mountain terrain and after they converted to Christianity, they resettled in one location, at the foot of this mountain. The village name of Nalesutale means “welcome back”.


Today, only approximately 100 villagers remain at Nalesutale after most of the people relocated to higher ground after severe flooding of the area in 1972. They continue to live the lifestyle of a farming community to make a living, visiting Nadi markets to sell vegetable & fruit products on a daily basis.

Community Projects Participation: 

  • Kids Play Center
  • Upgrading of Lodge
  • Training Youth & Community for basic trade skills (like carpentry and agriculture/farming), tour guiding, food and beverage skills, customer service.

SAFE LANDING/NAISISILI VILLAGE – located in the Nacula basin in the Yasawas which is known to be the place where the early Fijian arrivals made their home. Thus the name, Safelanding (Cava-Cola). Has two sides to the beachfront for safe anchorage. Directly opposite this resort is an old village site which will be created as a Tour site and where restoration of the old village site is being planned. Naisisili village is the largest village in the Nacula group which houses close to 800 people and a primary school for the community in the area. Safelanding is the only resort that runs on Solar Power and can accommodate 100 tourists at 100% occupancy. Activities available are turtle feeding/tagging, cave tour, island hopping, snorkelling, village visit, participation in restoration to the old village site.

Community Projects Participation:

  • Old village site restoration
  • Training of Youth & Community
  • Construction of seawall to prevent erosion.


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  • All meals
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  • Guide and also all government taxes.