Primates Of Uganda in Kibale Forest and Semuliki Valley

4 days

Primates Of Uganda in Kibale Forest and Semuliki Valley
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Kibale Forest and Semuliki Valley National Parks in the Western region of Uganda being you unbelievable sights.


This region is viewed as the country's primate capital and a birder's haven because it boasts over 13 species of primates and 70 mammals as well as over 375 species of birds.



  • Tracking of primates
  • Observing different species of birds
  • Various medicinal plants and trees that have existed for 100’s of years
  • Beautiful scenic views within the parks
  • Nature walks to the Sempaya Hot springs
  • Cultural interactions with the Bambuti pygmies


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*denotes the price person indicated separately in the table: US$150 is the cost of a chimpanzee permit in Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda

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