Private Marine Wildlife Boat Experience

3 hours

Private Marine Wildlife Boat Experience
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Personalised Zodiac boat tour with Skipper and Marine Wildlife Guide! See Wildlife, cruise the island’s scenic coastline, discover hidden places and secluded beaches, snorkel the Atlantic’s sea bottom, basically… It’s up to you!


The journey starts with a short safety briefing and also introducing you to the local marine species and their habitat.


After the briefing, you will then follow your guide to the Zodiac boat. You are now free to enjoy a fun boat trip spotting Whales, Dolphins, Birds and marine wildlife. We will also cruise past the beautiful coastline, for better views of the island’s volcanoes. You will discover hidden places, explore secluded beaches and snorkel around the island’s coastal marine fauna and flora. Basically, it is up to you… Let us know what you’d like to do!


Marine Wildlife can be observed yearlong. Sperm Whales reside with 3 additional cetacean species, and marine biodiversity is abundant. From March to June it is the passing of many species of the migratory Baleen Whale giants. Exclusively between June and September, it is possible to swim with any of 4 different species of Dolphins!


Our on land lookout will assist the Skipper in finding wildlife and provide directions via VHF Radio. A knowledgeable Wildlife Guide is there to keep you informed and ensure the best environmental and conservation standards on tour.


We recommend that you arrive on time to specified registration and briefing. Eat light, and bring your personal water supply, swimsuit, towel, and warm clothing and sunscreen. Light food is permitted, and a Camera is essential, especially for photography lovers – please protect any electronics and personal equipment.


This tour is inappropriate and inadvisable for anyone pregnant, with a weak back, in a wheelchair, in delicate health condition, or under the age of 4.

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