Public Art Safari, Johannesburg

4 hours

Public Art Safari, Johannesburg
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This four hours, together with a local tour guide and an artist, takes guests through layers of Johannesburg, spatially, historically and politically.


The city of Johannesburg unfolds through a narrative of public artworks that are visited across locations. Ferreiras Dorp, Newtown, Maboneng, Fordsburg, Braamfontein... the inner-city neighbourhoods of Johannesburg have shaped so much of the city's history, and are shaping so much of its future.


The public art sites we visit weave together these stories over a four-hour tour that unlocks depth in a very short period of time.



08h30 to 09h00 hotel collections

09h15 Part1 Newtown & Fordsburg

10h20 Part2 Ferreiras Dorp

11h00 Part3 Braamfontein

12h00 Part4 Maboneng

12h30 to 13h00 Return to hotels



  • Insights from a local artist
  • Murals, sculpture, installations, mosaics
  • Visits to areas including the historic mining area, Newtown, Maboneng, Braamfontein


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Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind