Santurtzi nice Coastal Village

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Santurtzi nice Coastal Village
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The port in Santurtzi, a quintessential seafaring destination and fishing village par excellence, used to bustle with activity when the boats arrived with the daily catch. The Fisherman’s Guild, the docks, the boats and the sardineras (fish sellers) were a reflection of that reality.  You can’t miss seeing the fish market, today home to the Santurtzi Itsasoa Museum.


Witness spectacular views

Nearby we can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view over the Bay of Abra from the viewpoint next to the Palacio Oriol.  The Plaza Central is home to the town hall and the Iglesia de San Jorge (Church of St. George), the heart of the port town of Santurtzi. Discover Explora-Norte’s traditional txikiteo or poteo (bar crawl) to the region’s most iconic bars.


Things to keep in mind