South Coast Summer and Winter Tour

2 days

South Coast Summer and Winter Tour
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We meet in Reykjavik, hop up in the luxury jeep, and then drive to the beautiful Iceland South Coast. On our tour, you will see the most impressive waterfalls in the world like Gljúfrabúi, and you will even have a chance to take a walk behind some of them, like Seljalandsfoss.


Skógafoss, the mighty waterfall

After a few kilometers, there comes the mighty Skógafoss waterfall known for its double rainbow phenomena. Although the legend says that behind this cascade there is a treasure chest, it would be smart to let legends be legends, because Skógafoss is a mighty waterfall, with a fall of 60 meters and admiring its beauty from a safe spot is surely wiser.


There are 527 stairs along this gorgeous waterfall, and they are worth climbing, because watching the waterfall from its falling point is a unique experience, not to mention, the view is priceless. South Iceland is terrific because every few kilometers there is something special to see.


After Skógafoss, driving along the ocean on the right, with meadows and hills filled with sheep and horses on the left, we will come to the magical place called Dyrhólaey.


The sight there is magnificent, any side your turn you will have a grandiose view; to the south, there is the Atlantic Ocean, to the north the glaciers and mountains, to the west black sand beach and the east black lava columns.


In front of the peninsula, there is a gigantic black arch of lava standing in the sea, which gave the peninsula its name, meaning “door hill island.”


There is also a lighthouse which sits at the top of the formation facing the ocean. Not so far away from Dyrhólaey, a charming town of Vik is situated, and it is undoubtedly our stop point for the overnight in a lux summerhouse or a beautiful country hotel.




Rested and ready to take a new adventure, we are heading up from the picturesque Vík to the Jökulsárlón. We will see Eldhraun lava fields, Svínafellsjökull, and the fantastic Diamond beach.


Explore the Ice Caves with your guide

In the winter, we will go to see the Ice Caves, which are a rare natural phenomenon, so your guide will tell you all about it and walk you through the paths of the caves. The forms and shapes of the caves vary from year to year, so the sights are one of a kind experience.


After this breath-taking and extraordinary walk, we will be heading to the town, ending our tour still amazed by the scenery and everything that we saw, learned, and experienced.


In the summer, we will take a boat tour; you will be able to sail between all kinds of icebergs; some of them are over 1000 years old. The structure and contour of these icebergs are a special treat for your camera.


After the sailing, it is time to get back to the land, and slowly wrap things up, because our exquisite journey ends here, and we are driving back to the city.

Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind