Soweto Futures, Johannesburg

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Soweto Futures, Johannesburg
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There is so much heritage and history to Soweto, that often the fact that it is current and contemporary and modern, the fact that it has a future, is totally overlooked.


In addition to the incredible histories of Soweto, the powerful stories of the Soweto Uprisings, and those of resistance figures such as Mandela and Tutu, there are the extraordinary stories about now, about the Soweto that is being shaped as you read this.


These are the stories that this tour is most interested in, with stories of Soweto's past as a constant thread.


Our half day Soweto Futures tour defies many of the assumed notions of what Soweto and her people is like or should be like. We visit the Soweto Theatre, one of the most exciting pieces of architecture in Johannesburg, probably in South Africa. We tour hot street art. We taste wine at the Swanky, the first wine bar in a township in South Africa.


We meet designers, and we sample Soweto brewed craft beer.


All in all it's a refreshingly contemporary and futuristic take on one of South Africa's most famous suburbs, designed to provide a sense of how Soweto is helping to shape the future of Johannesburg.


Highlights for this 4 hour tour:

  • Tour of the Soweto Theatre
  • Taste local Soweto craft beer tasting
  • Meet and engage a local entrepreneur
  • Taste some Soweto traditional snacks


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Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind