Volcano Tour plus Westman Islands

3 days

Volcano Tour plus Westman Islands
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DAY ONE – Westman Islands Volcano Tour

We start our volcano tour straight from the Reykjavik by a cozy luxury jeep. Pretty soon, this adventure leads us through the magnificent Atlantic Ocean by ferry, all the way to the famous Westman Islands which are the real “Volcano Realm.”


This enchanting archipelago consists of around 15 islands and 30 skerries, from which Heimaey is the only one populated with its brave people who witnessed three volcano eruptions.


The first to mention is Helgafell, then Surtsey (which was formed during this volcanic eruption, and, in 1963, became the youngest island in the world) and last, but not least, the notorious volcano Eldfell.


Learn the courageous history of the island

Besides the volcanoes, you will see and learn about the lionhearted and courageous history of the island, probably see the puffins, as the Westman Islands are the largest colony of puffins in the world.


You will also have a unique chance to take a glimpse of the famous naturally formed “Elephant Rock,” and one of the most beautifully located golf courses on the planet, plus many more.


The raw beauty of the islands is outstanding, around every corner, there is a historical, geological, and natural wonder. Your guide will answer all your questions and show you all the beautiful places on this ravishing island. After a long day in this fascinating environment, it is time to take a good night’s rest, because there are a lot of beautiful things going on the next day, too.



DAY TWO – South Coast Volcano Tour

On day two of this volcano tour, by saying goodbye to the Westman Islands, you will go to another delightful adventure through the South Coast of Iceland. Driving along mountain, glacier, and waterfall views make a great time to have your cameras on and captivate these fantastic moments forever.


Black sand beach Reynisfjara, Dyrhólaey, waterfalls and the picturesque petit town of Vík are the jewels of South Iceland, which will most certainly surprise you by their impeccability.


We move along to the spectacular Laki area, located in a 25-km long eruption fissure. The craters there were formed in an eruption that lasted for five months and issued the largest volume of volcanic material ever in a single flare. This is known to be one of the most catastrophic events in human history.


The pleasant scenery with wild and raw natural wonders makes you forget that it could ever be in the same sentence with “catastrophic.” The enormous lava field covered with green moss, volcanic fragments, colorful and distinctive craters makes the Laki area ethereal and otherworldly.


After exploring the lunar-like landscapes, we are now heading to the overnight location in a luxury summerhouse, with a hot tub and authentic Icelandic dinner by your guide, or in a beautiful country hotel, for a good night’s sleep.



DAY THREE – Glacier Lagoon Iceland

On the third day of this volcano tour of ours, you will be able to sail between all kinds of icebergs, and some of them are more than 1000 years old. The scenery of Jokulsarlon lagoon (Glacier Lagoon) is breath-taking and magical.


One of the incredible sights is the famous Diamond beach, where a plethora of floating icebergs slides towards the Atlantic Ocean through the black sand, making the setting genuinely mind-blowing. When the sunlight shines through the icebergs, it reflects rainbow sparks, which is an uncanny and even a surreal experience.


Jokulsarlon is an excellent spot to end this tour of ours, and we will be slowly heading back to the city. After this tour, you will certainly know why Iceland is often called “The land of FIRE and ICE.”

Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind