Walking and Eating inside the Village of Old Rome

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Walking and Eating inside the Village of Old Rome
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I will pick you up in Rome, I also have an 8-seater minibus, and I will show you, one by one, the most characteristic villages on the outskirts of Rome.

The Historical aspect of Rome

The name "Castelli Romani" commonly refers to a series of towns to the south-east of Rome, most of which rise on hills known since antiquity as Colli Albani.


In the last period of the republican age, the wealthiest Romans began to holiday on the Alban Hills and built villas, driven by intellectual pleasure and the desire to demonstrate, through sometimes grandiose constructions, their taste, their refinement, their own culture, if not especially its economic power.


In the High Middle Ages, emphyteus and tenants of possessions belonging to the Church tend to free themselves from the central authority.


In the fifteenth century, the castles of the feudal lords turned into municipalities; this can be considered the birth certificate of the Castelli Romani.


I will show you Albano, Castelgandolfo (summer residence of the Popes), Ariccia, the romantic Nemi, Genzano di Roma. At the end of the tour, we will offer you luck or dinner in a typical Old Village Restaurant.


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Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind