Karma Loyalty Program

It takes a mass movement to transform how everyone travels, so that’s why we’re building a community of kick-ass world changers!

The Clean Travel Loyalty Program rewards you, for doing your part and spreading the word, with Karma Points to be used for your next booking with us.

Earn Karma

  • Join the Community: We want to thank you for joining us in our mission to empower local leaders. By merely signing up for a new account – you’ll get 15 Karma Points ($15) straight away! That’s $15 off your first booking!

  • Support the Community: Booking a tour or activity with one of our partners. You’ll see the Karma Points you’re about to earn (3% of the total $ value of your booking) before you book, on the checkout page.

  • Help the Community: We want to hear about your trip and reward you for educating future Community members on your experiences. Earn 10 Karma Points ($10) for writing a review about a tour you took with one of our partners.

  • Grow the Community: Refer a friend to Clean Travel and earn 10 Karma Points ($10) when they book their first tour or activity on top of the 15% Sign Up discount they get! You’ll find your unique referral code on your personal Dashboard.

Clean Travel Karma (points) are automatically added to your account for the next time you go on a trip.

You can check your Karma Points balance at any time by going to the ‘Karma,’ section of your profile.

Use Karma

You can put your Karma (points) towards your next trip during the checkout process, and of course, you can combine them with any other Partner discounts also.

Unfortunately, Karma Points cannot be used along with other Clean Travel offers, such as special promo codes. The value of the Karma Points cannot exceed 15% of the total value of your booking we’re afraid. However, you are free to use your points for more than one booking,

Naturally, your Karma does not expire, so you’re free to use them as you choose!

If you have any questions about how our Community Karma works please just 

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