Daintree River Crocodile and Wildife Cruise

1 hour

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Spotting wildlife

You will have a 99% success rate for spotting crocodiles; excellent bird watching opportunities abound as well as other wildlife possibilities such as snakes, frogs, and fish. The size and design of Solar Whisper allow us into narrow creeks that most of the larger boats cannot access.


All seats are window seats, so is ideal for photography. We cruise at a leisurely pace, so we don’t miss a thing!


Your guide for your crocodile adventure

Your experienced interpretive guides (one is the owner with 16 years experience on this river, and the relief guide is a qualified university biologist) are well accustomed to the nuances of the river and rainforest and can spot an incredible array of wildlife that you may not see on your own.


This is a real advantage for your Daintree River experience, and all this is real Eco-Tourism. Solar Whisper is the only Daintree River cruise featuring CROC CAM. Birds, snakes, and even 4-meter crocodiles are challenging to see in their natural environment.


Your guide will focus the camera on animals allowing you to identify using the onboard screen. In essence CROC CAM acts as communal binoculars, magnifying wildlife…..we can show you the eyes, the teeth and even the texture of a crocodiles skin!


So come on board the Solar Whisper and cruise the Daintree River and view nature without disturbing it– we’re passionate about what we do and can’t wait to show it to you.

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