Highest Waterfall and Medieval Castle

7 hours

Highest Waterfall and Medieval Castle
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This route will lead us to the north, to city Quba –the former capital of Quba’s Kingdom. Located 156 km north from Baku, Quba was in the heart of the old defensive system so-called “Djanlaq corridor.”


Discover Afurduja Waterfall

We will leave Baku at 10:00 and going directly to the north and reach Quba in two hours. After the hustle and bustle of the big cities, the forest will welcome you with the quietness, clearest air and abundant wealth of flings.


On the road, we will pass the small canyon, and the walls can reach up 200 meters. It is an ideal place for a photo session for those who are in love with the mountains. The road makes us go up and up – to the final point of our journey– Afurdja waterfall.


The road makes us go up and up – to the first point of our journey – Afruja waterfall – 95 meters high, biggest in Azerbaijan.


Amazing Chiraq Qala

On the road back we will visit Chiraq Castle. The remains of Chiraq Castle sit very impressively at 1200m on a clifftop above the forested sanatorium of Qalaalti and associated Mashrif village.


It’s one of the few castle ruins in Azerbaijan to retain a real castle-shaped silhouette and makes a worthwhile and reasonably easy diversion if you’re driving between Baku and Quba.


Part of a defensive chain for 1600 years, the name Chirax means ‘lamp’ for beacon fires lit here to warn of approaching enemy armies. During the 18th century, it was the southernmost outpost of Quba’s Fatali Khan. Never stormed, it merely fell into disuse.


Today the main knob of stone and brickwork that remains is teetering ever more perilously on a rock which is being eroded from beneath. The authorities have yet to undertake minimal repairs to bolster the site, as they did at Old Qabala.


The need is now very urgent if the most impressive remaining fortress tower of the region is not to collapse. Hidden in the forest beneath are many more wall sections.

Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in mind