Photographic Safari

26 days

Photographic Safari
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During our Photographic Safari, here the camps we offer the following activities:

CAMPING: At our campsites you are closest to nature as you can without foregoing at least a minimum of comfort.

DAY & NIGHT GAME DRIVES: Let us take you for a once in a life time game viewing drive anytime of the day with our experienced tour guides fully customised safari 4×4 land cruiser.

GUIDED BUSH WALKS: Stretch your legs in the bush and get up close and personal with nature. Always listen to your professional tour guides and leave nothing behind (except) footprints).

BUSHMEN CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Get some insights in the culture and living of local Bushmen people and sit in and learn on their daily activities like hunting, collecting, building and watch the Bushmen perform some of their cultural heritage.


All three campsites are situated on the banks of the Khwai River, thereby offering wildlife viewing “on the doorstep”.  As the camps are not fenced, animals will pass freely through the camp. All campsites provide shower and ablution facilities. Water is provided. Wood for barbeques can be purchased. The campsites are large and can accommodate a number of families. They are placed far apart from each other so as to provide the ultimate privacy.

  • Hot and cold water showers
  • Flush water toilets
  • Face washing basins
  • Water standpipes
  • Fire places
  • Scavenger proof refuse bins


Dizhana is bounded by Chobe National Park and the Chobe triangle (NG 40) on the north and west respectively. while the multi-purpose concession areas NG42 and NG 43 are the eastern and southern neighbours, Mababe village is situated in the Western part.

The campsite provides six campsites.  Toilets are placed under thatched roofs. The showers are in typical bush style do not have a roof. Hot water is provided.


Xanakgaei campsites are conveniently located on the banks of the famous Khwai River about 5o kilometres south of Chobe National Park and about 80 km east of Moremi Game Reserve. We are settled at the Mababe concession which 125 km north east of Maun and is accessible by air and road.

The camp provides six campsites. Their location is probably the most romantic of all camps. Toilets are placed under thatched roof. The shower in typical bush style does not have a roof. Hot water is provided.


There are six campsites available at Dijara. As the camp is situated in a more open part of the Mababe Wilderness, game viewing from campsites is easier. Dijara boosts a game viewing deck available to all camping tenants.

Shower and toilets are screened by canvas. In typical safari style, the canvas shower buckets have to be filled and pulled into position by the visitors. No hot water is presently provided