The Wonder of Tibet, Lhasa and Nepal

20 days

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This tour combines a Tibet tour (12 days) with a short stay in Nepal (8 days).


In Nepal, you’ll explore the old heritage sites of Kathmandu valley, that provides rich insights about Nepal and its history, tradition and way of life. You will then venture to the finest national parks in the country to explore its wonderful nature and the natural diversity. Travelling by foot, canoe and keep you discover how Nepal is home to 9% of the world’s birdlife. Also, it is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Common Leopard, One-horned Asiatic Rhinoceros, Gaur and Sloth Bear. You’ll fine numerous types of Deer as well as other species of reptiles, mammals and insects.


The Tibet section of the tour offers the opportunity to soak in a unique culture and your return flights over the Himalayas between Kathmandu and Lhasa is spectacular. Once in Tibet, you’ll also embark on your trek to the (north) base camp of Everest at Rongbuk (4,900m).


Trip Highlights

  • Rich Tibetan culture and tradition steeped in religion (Lhasa – Tibet)
  • Far-flung unique landscape – the Roof of the World (Ronbuk – Tibet)
  • The cultural city of Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • The exotic wildlife of Chitwan National Park (Nepal)




Things to keep in mind